Wednesday, August 20, 2008

consider this my gift to you [rcrd lbl]

okay, after spending what seemed like an eternity without internet access, and after having the champs at at&t come to my aid painlessly, purposely and effectively, i'm feeling like quite the generous kitten.

consider this my gift to you.

rcrd lbl - a great place to check out indie artists, download exclusive music and feel like you are getting hipper by the second. (unless, of course, you've already self-actualized in the area of hip, and that case...consider your time as having been wasted by reading this post.)

also, i'd like to pimp "the may fire." download "red eye" and thank me later. one of the handsomes from the group gave me a pick yesterday, and it made me all know...i'm a dweeb. lesson for the kids: give to a pimp, and the pimp will whore you out endlessly.

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