Wednesday, August 20, 2008

prince, king of shake your groove thang

went out with the lovely kymberlie tonight. had a fantastic time. i love not having to worry about employing the "self edit" function when out.

for a short time, danced at sambuca. plan to do a lot more of same. i'm a dancing fool. give me good soul music and someone who isn't smarmy, and i'm all over it.

tonight danced to a little prince. (is there anything better?!)

so for you, i wanted to find a video of prince performing "kiss," one of the most badass songs...period. as i was looking, however, i struck music gold - a version of "darling nikki" too good not to share. it's the combo of three of my favorites - the foo fighters, gnarls barkley...and well...prince.


i did.

darling nikki

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