Thursday, August 21, 2008

we shoot things [phillip toledano]

many of you know, but some of you don't - i'm a photographer.

won't spend too much time showcasing my work here...maybe once a week, once a month. i will, however, highlight the work of my contemporaries, many of whom I draw inspiration from on a regular basis.

starting off with a poignant bang, i offer up phillip toledano's photo essay "days with my father." quite simply, the best photo essay i've ever seen. and i've seen many.


Doug said...

I stumbled onto your new blog via my flickr contacts. And your first entry includes the best link I've ever found on the web. Ever. Thank you. Like you, I've viewed so very many photo essays - but absolutely none with this kind of humanity and joy and love. Thank you again.

Good luck with your new blog.

Derrick said...


I won't say that I "stumbled" here, in my case, considering the fact that I just recently saw your newest post on Flickr (which is lovely by the way) which provided a link to this "new blog," and of course I wanted to come and check it out, especially after you had mentioned that you have a link to the best photo essay that you have ever encountered.

With that said, I have viewed this particular photo essay before (a month or so ago) and was absolutely stunned to tears after I finished viewing it. In fact, I commented on the page (which I believe is somehow viewable on the left) after my viewing of it so show my appreciation and sincere respects to this particular photo essay. I agree that it is, indeed, one of the best I've ever seen, and like yourself, I've seen a plethora of them. If anything, it's most certainly the most "moving."

With that said, thank you for posting the link; it was great to see this re-appear into my view again. The same emotional out-put still floods out of me each and every time.

This goes to show how precious life is -- how we must take extreme care of the loved ones around us and not take them for granted, because you never know when they may be gone...